bizjobz is focused on connecting the most talented professionals in the country with the nation’s best companies in their fields. Most of our recruiting staff have carried a bag, hired, trained and built sales and operations teams so we know your pain. If you need to increase your company’s sales or back office support, you can be confident that we can help you find the right talent for your team.

We invest in technology; attend the trade shows, read/write blogs, and most importantly, stay connected on a daily basis thru various internet related media.

AND….we pick up the phone or Skype and meet face to face when logistics allow.

Below is what some of our clients have said about our company:

2017: Worldwide Technology Conglomerate: “Our firm over the years has acquired many companies that bizjobz has recruited for. It was only natural for us to continue with the prior success. Many of our managers knew Jason and his team so the transition was fluid.  They have become an extension from coast to coast. They know the players out there, they understand the demands of the marketplace, so the fit was a natural. As a Director of HR, bizjobz has made my job easier”.

2017: Global Wireless & Telecommunications Company: “We are a niche player in a very competitive field. We have old school values and hire accordingly vs todays millennial mindset. bizjobz worked closely with our strict requirements and have found multiple technical professionals to join our every growing team. We would not be able to hire aggressively if it were not for bizjobz“.

2017: Start-up: My firm is an 18 month of old start up with limited resources and brand recognition. I was introduced to bizjobz as they came highly recommended by a colleague who was a past candidate.  Never using an outside agency before, I was unsure of the process and if this model would work for my new venture. In a short period of time, bizjobz helped fill 3 key roles for my company. Without their efforts, I would not be where I am today without the help of bizjobz.

2017: Insurance & Benefit Company: “I turned to bizjobz after exhausting many months and resources to help identify a General Manager for our firm. The team at bizjobz took the time to understand what we were looking for and identified, vetted and presented top notch candidates to us. They also managed the process and took control of coordinating the entire process which included negotiating a compensation that was good for the firm and the candidate”.

2017: Global Digital Media Company “Earlier this year our company went in-house for all new and backfill recruiting efforts. When an unexpected leadership position opened up, I was able to get approval to use bizjobz. Within days, they provided us with a handful of exceptional candidates. After multiple rounds of interviews, we found our new Regional Sales Manager. Thank you bizjobz“.

2016: National Health & Wellness Company “When our go-to agency was unable to assist us, we turned to bizjobz for various roles to fill.  Their philosophy on quality vs quantity was welcomed as we do not have the time to interview all day long.  The bizjobz team spent time with us on the front end, learning our culture and each job description and they were able to get us a short list of candidates quickly. We have made multiple hires in the past few months and our partnership is awesome”.

2016: International Marketing Company ” A few month ago, we were referred to bizjobz as we were actively seeking to fill 20+ roles, some confidential and others scattered around the United States.  No matter the assignment and regardless of location bizjobz outperformed our expectations. We use multiple agencies and within 6 months, bizjobz has become our top agency of choice. What separates bizjobz from other agencies is they will say no when they cant assist on a specific search. It is refreshing and I am so glad to call them our partner”.

2016: Real Estate Investment Company ” I turned to bizjobz to assist with some key hiring needs. It allowed my team to focus on our core business while bizjobz did what they do; identify and present candidates that we ultimately hired. We could not have added the new employees as quickly without the help from our external resource. I highly recommend bizjobz.”

2015Global Insurance Company “I have worked with many recruiting agencies in my 20 + year career in Human Resources and this is the first time I am offering a reference. I have found bizjobz to not only “get it” but they also fully support my business unit. They understand how to navigate the inner-workings of my organization both at the local and national level. In the past year, bizjobz has made 7 placements in my group alone and a handful of others independent of my division. They take the time to understand the openings and only present candidates that are a match for the role. It is refreshing to partner with such a strong company.”

2015International Financial Software Company “I was referred to bizjobz via another recruitment agency who could not assist me with my specific hiring needs.  I am so glad for the introduction. Over the past 2 years, bizjobz has helped identify many new hires for my organization ranging from Vice President of Sales, Director of International Sales, VP- Human Resources, Software Developers, Project Managers and Sales Support Administrators. My company’s landscape would be a lot different if it were not for the tremendous efforts of bizjobz.

2014Mobility Company “I was a past candidate of bizjobz and they were amazing to work with. Fast forward 18 months and in a hiring authority; I reached out to bizjobz to help me find talent for my new company. They showed the same professionalism and made me look great to my boss who suggested I use his agency. Now bizjobz is our primary agency for all of our recruiting needs.”

2014National Rental Equipment Company “Based out of the west coast I needed to find a senior operations director for the Northeast.  Within 45 days of first contacting bizjobz, our new hire had started. They quickly identified a short list of top candidates and we made an offer to one of them. bizjobz is very professional and they acted as an extension to our company. In addition they assisted in coordinating all interviews including travel arrangements and provided reference checks for us. We will continue to use bizjobz for our future needs”

2014Legal Software Company “Since 2005 I have worked closely with Jason and his teams. They have placed over 60 candidates to date.  As Vice President-Human Resources, bizjobz has provided a value add to my company during this time as we have grown from 45 million to just over 80 million.  When one of bizjobz placements did not make the guarantee, they quickly were able to re-fill the position. As our “PARTNER” they were equally motivated to do so as if it was a new opening.”

2013– Healthcare Software Company “Last year I was appointed CEO of a Technology Company and I contacted bizjobz to help me fill multiple hires across the United States. The positions ranged from VP- Sales, Account Executive-Sales, Project Management, Business Analyst and Executive Assistant. bizjobz came thru each and every time and our success is attributed to their efforts.”

2013Global F50 Telecommunications Company “As VP-Sales of a leading mobility company (F50 company), bizjobz was able to get me top sales talent across the US. The entire team at bizjobz was able to identify/qualify/present quality candidates to my group and in turn helped grow my revenue for 2012. I highly recommend bizjobz for any company that seeks an external resource for business talent.”


Whether it is VP-Sales, a recent college grad, or anyone in-between, bizjobz delivers the perfect candidate to you

Recent successes have included:

    • Mobility – Sales/Consultants/Leadership/Developers – (New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN,  Memphis, TN, Newark, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Orange County,  CA, Hartford, CT, Philadelphia, PA, Bentonville, AR)
    • Chief Revenue Officer – Marketing & Digital Media (San Mateo, CA)
    • National Director of Sales – Litigation Support – (San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL, New York City, NY)
    • Regional Operations Manager – Rental Equipment – (Bayonne, NJ)
    • Vice President of Sales – Digital Media/Advertising – (New York City)
    • Inside Sales Manager – Digital and Print Sales – (Northeast)
    • EVP- Human Resources – Foreign Currency (Fx) – (New York City)
    • Compensation Manager – Consumer Products – (Bridgewater, NJ)
    • Benefits Administrator – Fashion & Apparel – (Paramus, NJ)
    • Managing Partner – eDiscovery – (Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA)
    • Account Managers – Court Reporting/Depo Services/Facilities Management/Legal Publishing – (Long Island &, New York City, NY, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA)
    • Sales Leadership – Management – (New York City, NY, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Chicago, IL, Dallas , Houston & Austin, TX, Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA)
    • US Director of Sales – Financial Software, (New York, NY)
    • Director of Latin America Sales – Financial Software, (New York, NY)
    • Business Account Manager – Telecommunications/Wireless/Fiber – (New York City, NY, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Miami, FL, Topeka, KS, Dallas & Houston, TX)
    • Healthcare – Leadership/Sales/Analyst/Project Management/Marketing  – (Birmingham, AL, Denver, CO, New York, NY)
    • Sales Executive – Office Solutions (West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale  Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, & Tampa Bay, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Newark, NJ, Phoenix, AZ,  Portland, OR)
    • Inside & Outside Sales – Various Industries –  (New York City, NY,  Long Island, New Jersey, Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH,  Houston & Austin, TX, Seattle, WA,  Davenport & Des Moines, Iowa, Denver, CO, San Diego, Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA, Birmingham, AL, Topeka, KS)
    • Senior Director of Operations – Logistics & Transportation – (Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, PA,  Atlanta, GA)
    • Director of Technology & Architecture – Mobility – (Chicago, IL, New York City, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Los Angeles, CA, Newark, NJ
    • Chief Accounting Officer– Mobile Technology Company- (Rochelle Park, NJ)
    • Chief Financial Officer – Aviation Support Equipment – (Long Island)
    • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable – Aviation –  (Long Island)
    • Digital Media – SEO/SEM – Sales & Management – (New York, City, NY. Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Detroit, MI, Pittsburgh, PA, Houston, TX)
    • Government Clearance – DoD – (Washington, DC)
    • Oil/Gas – Sales Management and Sales – (Houston, TX)
    • Federal Software Business Development – Software – (Washington, DC)
    • Aviation – Director of Sales, Sourcing & Procurement – (Long Island, NY)
    • VP-Marketing – Consumer Products & Goods – (Boston, MA)
    • C-Suite – (CEO, CFO, CTO, &  CIO) – United States
    • Chief Technology Officer – Legal Software Company – (Phoenix, AZ)
    • Senior Java Developer – Financial Software – (New York, NY)
    • SalesForce Administrator – Financial Services – (New York City)
    • Senior Measurement Science Analyst – Telco – (Dulles, VA)
    • Insurance Relationship Manager – Insurance – (Oklahoma City, OK)
    • Managed Print Services – Print Solutions – (Cleveland, OH, Tampa Bay, FL)
    • Executive Assistant – (Long Island City, NY)
    • Sales Administrative Assistant – Venture Capital (New York, NY)
    • Installation Project Manager – (Long Island City, NY)
    • Apparel/Consumer Electronics – Sales – (New York City)
    • Shipping Clerk – Consumer Electronics (New York City)
    • Senior Designer –  Active  Apparel – (Portsmouth, Maine)
    • Senior Designer  Intimates – (New York City)
    • Senior Designer   Active Wear – (New York City)
    • Merchandise Manager/Buyer – Retail, e-Commerce & Catalogue –  (North Carolina)
    • Allocation Manager – Wholesale (New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA)
    • Merchandise Planner –Apparel- (Boston, MA., New York, NY.)
    • Global Capacity Planer – (New York City)
    • Director, Sales– Retail – (New York City)
    • Buyer – Apparel –  (Minneapolis, MN)
    • Manager- Social Media – (San Francisco, CA, Miami, FL.)
    • Packaging/Graphic Designer –Fashion – (New York City)
    • Software Asset Management Specialist, Insurance – (Oklahoma City, OK)
    • Strategic Innovation Manager, Insurance – (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Business & Financial Analyst – Safety Products, Chemicals & Gases (New London, CT)
    • Business Intelligence Business Analyst – Insurance – (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Financial Services Zone Sales Director  Insurance  – (Agoura Hills, CA)
    • Financial Services Licensing and Registration Mgr.  Insurance –   (Agoura Hills, CA)
    • President- Retail – (New York City)
    • General Merchandise Manager -Apparel –  (Portland, ME)
    • Divisional Merchandise Manager – Fashion & Apparel – (New York & New Jersey)
    • Buyer – Apparel – (Winston Salem, NC., Portland, ME, Bedminster, NJ)
    • E-Commerce Manager – Consumer Products – (Northern, NJ and New York City)
    • Vice President, Visual Merchandising – Consumer Electronics (New York City)
    • Senior Vice President, Real Estate – Retail – (Bridgewater, NJ)
    • Vice President, Design – Apparel – (Freeport, ME & New York, NY)
    • Design Director – Fashion & Apparel – (Bedminster, NJ, New York, NY)
    • Senior Designer – Fashion & Apparel – (North Carolina, New York, NY)
    • Vice President, Merchandising – Retail (New York City)
    • Merchandise Manager – Retail & Fashion (New York City, Los Angeles & Miami)
    • Vice President, Licensing – Sports & Entertainment – (New York City)


We understand that bringing aboard the right person for a high-level position is vital to the security and financial future of an organization. As part of our commitment to providing unparalleled services to our clients, bizjobz offers retained & confidential searches.

Our specialized recruiters take the time to understand your company’s needs and business approach before working to present you with like-minded, sought-after candidates within the United States.


There are many reasons why temporary/contract staffing is right for you. Sometimes you need to push a project forward or backfill a position, perhaps it is during hiring freezes or when head count restrictions exists; and that’s where our contract division comes in.

Temporary-to-full-time assignments serve as an opportunity to assess the fit of candidates in your firm before offering them a full-time position

Typically our division works closely with IT, HR, Compliance, Project Management and various front and back office support.

Our candidates are available for both short-term and ongoing assignments and are available to start as requested.


It’s easy. Call us at 855-BIZ-JOBZ (855-249-5629)