Here is what some of our candidates have had to say:

Isaiah – “My experience with Mike Levine and Jason Kaminsky at bizjobz was exceptional. Throughout the entire process of finding my new career, they were attentive, helpful and professional. Mike and Jason made themselves available and always offered advice during the interview process. They were able to find a position for me in an industry that I wished to pursue while ensuring my background and experiences were an evident match to their client who is now my employer. If you want the best, speak to Mike and Jason at bizjobz!!!”

Mike– “After 15+ years with my previous company I finally made a career move and did not know how to begin. I am so grateful I found bizjobz as they took me by the hand and personally walked me thru each and every step of the interview process. Starting with creating a new resume from scratch,  to ensuring that I was prepared for each step of the interview process and negotiating a solid compensation plan on my behalf…. In short, I could not have landed the current job I have today without the help of bizjobz.”

Susan– ” I was not looking for another job as I was happy where I was. That was until bizjobz came calling about an opportunity. I was hesitant at first but after many calls from bizjobz I finally decided to speak to what is now my new employer. bizjobz thinks out of the box and is a great resource for anyone who needs a job or is thinking of making a change.”

Steve G. “I want to thank you for all of your support during my job search. Despite speaking with several firms, bizjobz is one of the few firms I would contact for any future job searches or if I am in a position to hire people. I thought the opportunities you provided me were very good and you managed to keep me on your radar and stay in touch throughout the time I was looking for another position.”

F. Sullivan “I worked with bizjobz on securing my current position at a F50 employer. I found them to be very efficient and effective. They were 10 out of 10 in setting expectations for both me and my prospective employers. In a process that is typically laden with policy, protocol and procedures, bizjobz was able to quickly truncate communications and quickly get to the heart of the matter in terms of setting up the various screening processes. Always very diligent with the follow ups and setting up the next steps. Having been a former business owner and employer, I very much appreciated bizjobz attention to detail and laser focus in moving the process forward. I therefore would very enthusiastically recommend bizjobz for any recruiting/business development efforts.”

Stephen B.bizjobz was instrumental in connecting me with my latest opportunity. They were thorough, responsive, and supportive throughout the process. I have often had the impression that people in the staffing business were only interested in placing a body, anybody, in a position. I appreciated that bizjobz was sensitive to all of the aspects that make a match work, and then followed up afterwards to make sure the fit really was there.”

Patrick F.bizjobz first recognized my talent and availability on LinkedIn. From that point on things just took off. They recognized the match between my skill set and their client’s requirements. bizjobz doggedly pursued an interview for me that led to my current position. I was provided solid coaching and follow-up and I have no doubt that their efforts led to my success. My current employer made specific mention of how pleased they were with bizjobz efforts having placed several candidates.”

Brandon A “As recruiters, bizjobz was great to work with. They guided me through the process, kept me informed on developments and provided effective recommendations in how I should approach the opportunity. I really enjoyed working with them and highly recommend them.”