Resume, LinkedIn, and Internet Search Tips and How to Work with Recruiters

I recently spoke to a group of military academy grads on this subject. Here is a list of notes I used. I hope these are helpful. Ping me if you have any questions. Scott Leishman

  • What is the mission of your resume? (Tell everybody everything you did since high school or get a specific job?)
  • Keep it simple (unless you are going for an art/creative/design type of position)
  • These are ingested by candidate tracking systems at companies and recruiters
  • Standard format, standard font
  • No info in headers (often gets missed in parsing.)
  • Different versions depending on job applying for
  • AT LEAST City, State, HOME Email and one phone number (cell recommended)
  • Minimize your “greatest hits” summary
  • Make sure resume Jobs and Dates align with LinkedIn
    • Don’t fill in gaps
    • OK to summarize old data
    • OK to summarize military data unless looking for a job in the sector
    • You can only use acronyms if specific to the position you are applying for
    • Add summary sentence or two for each company
    • Add as much detail as possible barring confidentiality breaches
      • $ sales/Year, names of customers, $ saved/year, % over and amount of budget
      • PDF or Word? I recommend PDF
        • Doesn’t get reformatted in email transmission

Using LinkedIn

  • All Recruiters Use it
  • Have detailed descriptions/buzzwords in your profile
  • Join job appropriate groups
    • Look for recruiters in those groups
    • Look for job announcements in those groups
      • Use LinkedIn/networks to ID someone who works there. They can:
        • Tell you about the job – including salary
        • Tell you about the hiring manager

Internet Search Tips

  • Ladders OK, Monster and CareerBuilder for <100K jobs
  • Keep a detailed list of where you have applied and who sent you in (if a recruiter)

Working with Recruiters

  • 2 Kinds – Contingency and Retained
  • Our job = find and screen candidates who match our client’s job spec
    • Criteria usually = “Has candidate done this before, not could she do it.”
    • OK to Follow up but don’t stalk
    • Check their website from time to time, save search there
    • Will work with you on refining your resume if you appear to be a fit for a position.
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