Paperwork/Taxes/Filings for Contract/Temp Employees Driving You MAD?

Q.  Recurring Nightmare – you have contractors/temp employees requiring calculation and payments of federal, state and local taxes; workers comp, unemployment and liability insurance and endless follow ups, hassles and government forms.  Who is doing this part time after hours and going mad or do you have full time resources handling this?  What is it costing you in out of pocket and wasted administration time and effort?   How can you wake up from this nightmare?

A.  Let bizjobz handle it. Get back to running your business. We will take over the entire administration of your temp/contractor program. Let us know what the contractors are making per hour and what we can bill you and we can see if it makes sense.

Benefits to You:

  • See recurring nightmare above. Aloha, Goodbye, Gone – all of it.
  • You are NOT the employer of record
  • Employees are paid weekly and we bill you net 15 so your cash flow is improved.
  • You pay one check instead of dozens.
  • Itemized reports by the contractor and hours worked.
  • We handle all payroll withholding and tax payments
  • All you need to do is verify hours worked.
  • Background checks on all contractors
  • We have insurance coverage for many forms of employee liability
  • Happier employees because of optional benefits detailed below (at no cost to you.)


Benefits to Contractors

  • Several tiers of medical, (with employer matching for tier 1)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • AD&D
  • 401(K)
  • Direct deposit


To get started find out more or get any questions answered on any of this contact bizjobz today.

Scott Leishman 914-305-1437

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