How to Prepare for an Interview

– by Randi Haber

There is a lot of competition out there and in today’s market you want to be the best you can be to land that job and always go into an interview prepared.  We are here to help you!  First off, do your homework – not just on the company but on the person you will be meeting with.  Try to find out anything you can about the interviewer.  With today’s technology it is easy to look someone up and see what they do and where they came from.  LinkedIn is a great tool to start your search.  Look up the Hiring Manager, HR Talent Acquisition Manager or whomever else you are meeting with and find out what their role is in the company.  See where they worked before this company – maybe you have some shared connections – use your network and take notes.  If they are not on LinkedIn – then Google them.  Most of us are listed somewhere on the internet.  Formulate some questions about their background to break the ice when you first meet or speak on the phone.


In addition to learning about the person you will meet with, do your homework on the company and division you are applying to.  Go online to the company website and read any articles about the company – be prepared!!  Check Let them know you are serious about this job – and have questions based on your research to show the interviewer that you really know this company.


Come to the interview with as little as possible – don’t bring a big purse and have to dig through it for a pen and paper.  Have a notebook and a couple of pens to take notes and bring your resumes in a folder so they are neat and clean.


In addition:


  • Have open ended questions prepared to make the conversation flow.
  • Be enthusiastic and really show your personality but stay professional.
  • Bring extra copies of your resume – you always want to be prepared to meet with other employees in the office.
  • Be dressed to impress – even if the interview is on a Friday and they may have a casual dress code – always look your best on an interview.
  • To really blow them away, bring a 30-60-90 day plan of what you think you can do for them. It may not be 100% right, but it will show great effort in preparation
  • Get a business card – and always email a “thank you” to every person you met with!  If you forgot to get one – call the company and ask the Receptionist for the email address – do whatever it takes to get a thank you out.  We have seen people do great on interviews but they forgot to email a thank you and therefore did not get the job.  Keep it simple but point out at least 1 item from your conversation that impressed you or demonstrated your fit for the position.


Remember – perception is reality – so if you come to an interview prepared and organized and looking sharp – this will reflect on how you will come to work every day once you land the job!

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